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Before we begin snapping, I always like to have a bit of chit-chat so I can get a clearer idea of what it is you’re after and an opportunity to get to know you a bit better! So please feel free to get in touch directly but if you’re after a bit more information first, please do have a look at the following options.

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Family, Bumps & Babies

I am available for maternity shoots, newborns and family portraits.


The photo shoot including all the editing is £90

I then send you a private link to all the images for you to choose which photographs you would like from the packages below:

Up to 5 images on disc: £120
Up to 10 images on disc: £210
Up to 20 images on disc: £250
All images on disc (usually between 50-80): £360

This includes all your chosen images retouched and edited in high resolution on disc, plus a private online password protected gallery where you can download and share all your images.

Location & Timings

The shoot location is completely up to you, it can take place in the comfort of your own home, perhaps a favourite family outdoor spot, or I can join you on family occasion or special day out. There is no time limit on the shoot, but will usually last 1 – 2 hours. Within 10 days of your shoot you’ll receive a contact sheet of all edited images to choose your favourites from.


Headshots & Portraits

Whether you are a performer interested in having professional headshots, or wanted more of a storytelling portrait, I would love to hear from you so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All photo sessions include:

* A photoshoot at a location of your choice lasting between 1 – 2 hours
* As many changes of clothing as you would like
* A digital contact sheet of all images to choose your favourites from by next working day
* 2 x fully graded, enhanced & retouched final images of your choice
* All final high resolution & edited digital images sent via dropbox or WeTransfer within a working week of making your choices

*Any additional retouched photos are available at £10 per image


With both ‘pop-up’ studio lighting & outdoor natural light photographs:


With ‘pop-up’ studio lighting photographs only:


With outdoor natural light photographs only:



Having worked in casting for many years I understand the importance of a good headshot. It should represent who you are now and no one else. Clothing wise I would recommend bringing a selection of basic tops with simple necklines, nothing too distracting. For hair and makeup, my advice would be to keep this natural and minimal; less is more! Your headshot should look like you.


With general portraits, we can be a little more experimental with the look of the photograph. If you are interested in having something more alternative for your portfolio, there are no real guidelines or rules, we can chat before the day, and have a play around with different scenarios, looks and lighting.


The location of your shoot is completely up to you, we can make use of the natural light in an outdoor location, or I can create a more controlled studio set up in your home. Or we can try a bit of both!

What to have with you on the day

You can have as many changes of clothes as you like, so do bring options with you. If you cannot decide between your beard and the clean-shaven look, having your hair up or down, we can try as many different looks as we can manage! There are no limits and no restrictions so do come prepared for whichever scenarios you’d like to try out. We can also have a conversation prior to the shoot if you need advice of what to have with you on the day.


Birthdays & Other Occasions

I am available for all special occasions you have coming up, Birthdays, Engagement & Anniversary dos, Family Reunions, Christmas parties, Baby Showers, Hen dos and Christenings!

All high resolution and edited images are provided on disc and included in all of the following packages:


BOOKING DAILY Half Day (up to 4 hours) – £695

Full Day (up to 8 hours) – £995


Weddings & Engagement Photography

If you’re interested in knowing more details on my wedding photography prices and offers, please do email me on and I will send you my wedding package!

With my Wedding Photography Package, I do offer a complimentary Engagement Photoshoot. However if you are just looking for engagement photographs, the price packages, timings & locations are the same as my Family Bumps & Babies sessions. Scroll back up to the top to view these!


Get In Touch

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions at all: 07850 684 858


My Story

I love looking through our old family albums. I’ve still got gorgeous black and white photographs taken by my Dad on his old Pentax SLR nearly 30 years ago – they never fail to make me smile!

Jem, Ames & Dad 1988

Ames & Papa Cooke 2017

My Dad was the one who taught me how to use my first real camera. He showed me the importance of taking each photo sparingly, with precision (which was essential with only 24 to 36 shots per roll of film).

You never knew whether the photo you took would even have come out until you went through the lengthy procedure of processing the negatives, then producing the prints themselves. For me that was all part of the fun. It wasn’t just taking the photographs; I loved the anticipation – sitting in a darkroom, staring at a blank piece of paper, waiting for an image to appear.

Then the world went digital, we can take as many pictures as we like, with the added advantage of being able to see each one instantly. As magnificent as this is, it causes people to miss out on things. Significant moments are often inundated with people trying to document the occasion, rather than living in it.

Life is filled with amazing moments, you should be allowed to live in them and trust someone else to capture those unique times. This is why I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people doing what I do. I get to capture a part of someone’s story, whilst they enjoy it.

My favorite photographs are always the unplanned ones; the ones where the person completely forgets the camera is there. The ones where people are truly in the moment with their loved ones.

We get to experience so many wonderful things; to be able to look back on them with such clarity is a privilege. I say take the time to catalogue your photographs. Put them into albums, make scrapbooks, and display them on your walls. If you don’t have the time, ask you me to do it for you.

For me it’s about taking genuine and authentic photographs, capturing a truthful image of what it feels like to be there. Quite often surroundings such as a person’s home, or favorite family spot are where people can be themselves, tends to capture a scene more honestly. It also makes every shoot I do unique.

I think it’s a real privilege to be invited into the important occasions in people lives, and to offer them memories to keep. I hope it delivers the same precious feeling I get when I look at those photographs that my dad took – all those years ago!



I ‘found’ Amy on a spur of the moment trip to a wedding show and I am so glad that I did!! I loved her unobtrusive photography style and obvious passion for her art, and booked her asap! She was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process leading up to (and after) our wedding. I was particularly grateful for her help in getting my head around the logistics of the day, who needed to be where when and timings for things. I think having just had her own wedding, she was able to give invaluable advice which really helped with the planning! On the day she was a complete pro, sneaking about, climbing ladders to take the best possible shot, capturing every possible moment. I still have no idea how you managed to get so many brilliant pictures with it only just being you!! I remember being very sad saying goodbye to her at the end of the night, and will absolutely find any reason to book her again… “there will be babies!!!!”
Thank you Ames, you superstar!
Amy & Ollie | Bride & Groom | Wedding Photography

From the moment we spoke with Amy regarding our wedding photography we knew we’d found the perfect lady. Amy was fabulous in meeting us at our venue for our engagement shoot and really getting excited with us for the big day. She filled us with confidence and we had so much fun. The engagement shots were so natural and really captured our beautiful venue perfectly. When it came to the big day Amy asked us in advance what shots we definitely wanted her to capture and she got every single one. In addition to this all the pictures Amy took were simply wonderful. We loved every single one. Every emotion of the day was captured and they told the story of our day perfectly from the getting ready all the way through into the evening. Can’t thank Amy enough for capturing our day for us in the most beautiful way. I’d recommend her every time.
Kim & Richard | Bride & Groom | Wedding Photography

Amy you are a star, a life saver and the rock in the middle of a stressful day, me and John would like to thank you so much, for everything down to holding my lipstick and adjusting my hair, you are like the Mary Poppins of the photography world. Thank you
Nicola & John | Bride & Groom | Wedding Photography

I was thrilled with Amy’s work and lucky to ‘get her’ before she undoubtedly moves on to world domination. Fantastic fun, hugely professional and fuss free! Thanks Amy
Tim Whitnall | Screenwriter | Portraits

Amy you are the best and thank-you so much for capturing our special day. You were perfection in every way and every moment! From not forcing us in to any weird poses, capturing a very camera shy bride and being gentle with me (but still making sure you got the shots!) and being as quiet as a mouse during the ceremony. Can’t thank you enough.
Felicity Mould | Bride | Wedding Photography

I cannot stress enough how fantastic the photos Amy takes are. If you are looking for someone to capture those precious family shots she is your woman. We have had the pleasure of her taking our family shots twice. Both times the photos have captured the essence of our family perfectly and the hardest part was choosing which photos to print and frame (as there were so many amazing ones). Everyone who sees them comments and so it was without hesitation I also bought a photo shoot for my best friend on the arrival of her 2nd baby recently. 
Amy puts both the children and adults she is working with at ease so much so that you barely notice she is actually there to take photos – the result is natural shots. I should also mention that I consider her to be great value for money and having tried many other studios over the years I feel I am qualified to judge!
Louise Sherlock | Mum | Family Photoshoot

Hello everyone- I have had the lovely Amy Cooke at my singing classes taking photos of my little treasures. I found Amy to be very discreet whilst moving around the children, the photos were of a beautiful natural shot and everyone was very pleased with the outcome. I can thoroughly recommend this up and coming photographer!
Emma-Jane Cox | Jitterbugs Singing Classes | Portraits

Hi Amy,
Wanted to thank you again for taking such lovely photos of my family. You were a pleasure to work with and the kids loved you. I love that the photos are natural and that you have captured their little personalities, which is exactly what we wanted. We didn’t want stiff poses or forced smiles as that’s not real, that doesn’t say anything about who they are.
You really have given us photos that we will treasure forever.
Have done and will continue to recommend you.
Thanks again.
Katie Sargent | Mum | Family Photoshoot

Thrilled with the divine Miss Cooke’s photograph’s taken at Stagecoach Theatre Arts Stanmore and Harrow Weald last weekend. I hardly knew she was there and she captured the spirit of my school beautifully. Thanks Amy.
Jayne Hardy | Principal | Performance Portraits

Amy was an absolute star photographer at our engagement party in London on Saturday. She’s a lovely, warm person to be around but combine that with her talent and professionalism and you’re onto a real winner. Amy worked the room discreetly to get natural pics but also had just the right amount of authority to remind us when we needed a particular group pic, family pic etc. We’re over the moon with party photographs and can’t recommend Amy Cooke Photography highly enough. Thank you!
Kate & Dan | Engagement Party Photography

May I take this opportunity on behalf of all the team on the “Get Inspired Open Day” Jan 2016 to say a big thank you for supporting our New Academy event, Get Inspired Open Day. Amy is a wonderful and personable photographer who takes great care and commitment in her photography work, adhering to customer expectations to create photography, which represents all genres of photography. The 
Academy are delighted with our images and we look forward to working with 
Amy in the near future.
Martina Bellieni Parmar | Founder The Professional Makeup Academy | Event Photography

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